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Extended information on cookies
What are "Cookies".
Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or another device when you visit a web page, to be then re-transmitted to the same sites on your next visit.
Cookies can have different purposes. With them, for example, it is possible to recognize a device that returns to a web page, remembering user preferences and choices, improving the browsing experience and offering personalized advertising.
First-party cookies and third-party cookies.
A cookie is " first party " (so-called first party cookie) or "third-party" (so-called third party cookies) based on the website or domain from which it comes.
First-party cookies are, in essence, cookies set and / or managed by the site owner. For these cookies, the obligation of the information, the acquisition of consent and / or allow the possible blocking of cookies is the responsibility of the site owner. Third-party cookies are cookies set by a domain other than the one visited by the user. For these cookies, the obligation of the information and the indication of the modalities for the possible consent and / or blocking of cookies is up to the third party, while the owner of the site is only obliged to indicate the link to the third party site where these elements are available.
We wish to inform you that the website uses cookies, including third parties. The use of cookies by this site is part of the Privacy Policy of the Azienda agricola Giuseppe Porcelli, located in Loc. Livasì snc, 89864 Spilinga (VV).
Technical cookies.
Our site uses technical cookies , which have the purpose of making your browsing easy and our website usable. In fact, our web page can not function properly without them. The technical cookies are distinguished, moreover, in navigation cookies (or session cookies), which guarantee the normal use of the web service, and functionality cookies, which allow the user to navigate according to a series of selected criteria (ex. the language, the products selected for purchase). We inform you that for the installation of these cookies it is not required the prior consent of users, as required by the provision of 8 May 2014 of the Privacy Guarantor.
Third-party technical cookies.
We also use analytical cookies , created and made available by third parties, whose purpose is to collect aggregate data anonymously and to help us estimate our visitors, to understand how they move within our website, which are the pages they visit and the links that click. For these purposes we use cookies from Google Analytics , a service provided by Google Inc. (" Google "), which does not share your IP address with us because it anonymizes it using a specific method of masking. The information generated by Google Analytics is subject to Google's privacy and cookie policy and will be transferred and stored by Google on servers in the USA. We specifically use Google Analytics cookies according to the methods and duration of life reported in this page .
We also use a named content management system (CMS) Website x5 which uses technical cookies, according to the operation indicated in the following information.
How can I check the installation of these specific cookies?
By default, browsers generally accept the use of cookies both from our site and from third-party sites. You can still change the settings of your browser.
Below are links to resources that describe how to manage cookies for the most popular browsers:
● Mozilla Firefox: delete cookies; block site cookies ;
● Google Chrome: management of cookies
● Safari: management of cookies ;
● Internet Explorer: management of cookies ;
● Opera: management of cookies
To disable cookies on a mobile phone, consult the relevant manual for further information. More detailed information on cookies on the Internet is available below address.
It is possible to disable Google Analytics cookies by visiting the Google website (Google GaOptOut) and downloading the add-on for the browser used.
Please note that if you change or customize your cookie preferences, the same must be set for each device and every browser used in surfing the Internet.
To allow the website to function properly, exploit its features and use in its entirety, we recommend that you accept the use of both our and third-party cookies.
Third party profiling cookies.
We also use third-party profiling cookies for advertising, promotional purposes and for sending commercial offers in line with the preferences you showed during navigation. For these specific cookies we ask for your consent the first time you visit our site, expressed through the interaction with the banner of brief information on the landing page (by clicking on the "OK" button); or it can be provided in a selective manner, according to the methods indicated below.
Profiling cookies of Google Adwords Remarketing and Google Tag Manager
We use Google Tag Manager, a statistics service provided by Google Inc., and Google Adwords Remarketing. The latter installs cookies to study and improve advertising, with remarketing actions, in order to send the user messages in line with their interests. Remarketing helps you reach users who have visited our site.Previous visitors or users can see our ads as they browse websites on the Google Display Network or search for terms related to our products or services.
Further information, also in relation to the ways in which these cookies can be disabled, can be found in the following link.
To select / deselect cookies click here.
Facebook remarketing profiling cookies
We use Facebook Remarketing to carry out our promotional campaigns. Facebook Remarketing is a Remarketing and Behavioral Targeting service provided by Facebook, Inc. which links the activity of this online space with the Facebook advertising network.
Social plug-in.
On our site appear the plug-ins of some well-known social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn). In this regard, we point out that social networks use cookies to show our ads to people who may be interested in our products, for example because they have previously visited our site or have made purchases.We have no control over cookies on these platforms, as they are installed by the same social media. The interactions and information acquired are in any case subject to the user's privacy settings related to each social network.
However, we would like to provide you with a list of social networks that acquire information and the respective privacy policy:
Like button and Facebook social widgets (Facebook, Inc.)
The "Like" button and Facebook social widgets are services of interaction with the social network Facebook, provided by Facebook Inc.
Personal Data collected: Cookies and Usage Data.
Place of processing: USA - Privacy Policy.
Instagram social button and widgets
The button and social widgets of Instagram are services of interaction with the social network Facebook, provided by Facebook Inc.
Personal Data collected: Cookies and Usage Data.
Place of treatment: USA - Privacy Policy
Tweet button and Twitter social widgets (Twitter, Inc.)
The Tweet button and Twitter social widgets are services of interaction with the Twitter social network, provided by Twitter, Inc.
Personal Data collected: Cookies and Usage Data.
Place of processing: USA - Privacy Policy.
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