glass jar

    Keep in fridge:

    after opening cover with oil and store in a cool dry place

    Weight Pieces:

    480gr peso lordo / 200g peso netto

    Sale by date:

    730gg days from package

    Product descriptions:

    This recipe was developed using experience, technique and quality, to find the right combination and to satisfy different customer bases. It contains traditional and unique products and flavors of our town, Spilinga and consequently of the Mediterranean Diet which is full of wonderfully delicious flavor-filled dishes. The ingredients are: tuna, chives from our Mediterranean sea, capers from Pantelleria (Sicily) and our 'Nduja, they are minced and mixed in the right proportion, the sun-dried tomatoes are filled with this mixture and the result is a flavorful and fantastic product for an aperitif 'aperitivo' or for a starter.

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