vacuum packed

    Keep in fridge:

    fridge +6° / +10° C

    Weight Pieces:

    500gr each


    500gr 70gg - Top-Quality 120gg

    Sale by date:

    180gg days from package

    Product descriptions:

    'Nduja is a Calabrian salami, originates from Spilinga. It is a spicy spreadable pork salami, it is made using pork trimmings from various meat cuts, fatback and hot peppers which give 'Nduja a beautiful red aspect. Meat and peppers are minced and mixed with salt, this mixture is stuffed into natural casings, then hung in a cool humid environment to be smoked and to slowly dry. This is done to give a specific flavor, so it is ready to be eaten. If you like a little bit of spice in your food then Nduja is the best .You can make tasty bruschetta, put it on pizza, in the tomato sauce for pasta or make meatballs and many other dishes. But remember the best and original 'NDUJA is only from Spilinga.

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