Strength Point

The farm Livasì

Livasì is a family owned company born to make a dream come true -Our stry comes from our grandparentswho were farmers and have always made salamievery winter -our love for salami- making process derives from from our roots. Salami-making in the past was a tradition in Spilinga that brought family together, whwre they enjoyed themselves loved and Shared their passion for homemade salami. The third generation takes the helm and is determined to continue their erofession, combining experienceand dedication to create cured meais, using, fresh pork meat plus finest spices and seasonings.


Our company crofts artisan cured meat and it is trying to expand our already wide erray offerings with new products and commercialize them abroad.

Our Strength Point

The strength point of Livasi is the freshness and quality of ingredients made exclusively in Italy and most of all in Calabria, that, with proven manufacturing techniques have brought forth the best there is to offer.

Prime materials

Livasì makes a careful selection of only best prime material above all the precious peppers grown in Monte Poro mixed with the finest Italian and Calabrian pork meat, simple ingredients mixed together and make a taste explotion that seems simply delightful.

Genuine Taste

The best recipe made with to quality ingredients : salumi made with love and time, old genuine taste, made with all that comes from our land arrive in your table in order to enjoy your palate and life.